Last Update:  11/27/13
​​To submit your 8x beast, include the following:
(I am now accepting ALL 8x beasts in the game, but at least 1 out of the 8 needs to be full roided)​
#1  Make sure there are NO boosts on your beast in the game (ie: Melon, Juice Box, Carton, Jug, Concentrate, etc), these stat numbers must all be unboosted!  Wearing armor to get a boost is allowed though.
​#2  Name your beast in the game to what you want it to appear here as​.

​#3  Set your game quality to "high", take a screenshot from beast window, save as .png, and do not crop it so I am assured you have no boosts on the beast at that time.
#4  Save a screenshot of your gaming name & picture icon​.   
#5  Tell me if you play on Facebook or Kongregate.​
#6  (optional)  Write any comments you want to appear on your Trophy Card.  People usually explain roids & fusion strategies on main beast here.  You can say anything or nothing.
#7  (optional)  Give info on the 7 beasts that got fused into your main - Gem, Metal, & general Crystal Upgrades/Roids for each beast​ ("none", "a few", "some", "a lot", "max" will do for roids), or keep it all secret. It's totally up to you.

​Send info to  You can also update your beast info or send a new screenshot of it's stats if you continue to crystal upgrade it, rename it, or wish to change any info on your Trophy Card.  
​Just be specific about what I should update and what beast/person it's for.

Anyone even "suspected" of forging stat numbers by editing their image, or using a screenshot with boosts added to make stats higher will be deleted and banished for life. There's no reason to lie.​​

Current Ranking System:
Each stat will show the highest for only that stat.  If your beast has higher points in only one stat, then you will win for that stat only.  All winners will get golden Trophy Cards made and linked to the stat they won.  If there is a tie, I will pick the person who provided the most data on how they made that beast.